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Who Is The Priority In Your Business?

Being a business owner is hard! There is so much to juggle, delivering work for clients, developing new products, creating content for social media, staying on top of the admin, and doing accounts…. amongst many other things.

When it comes to money we tend to pay those who shout the loudest BEFORE we even think about paying ourselves! 

Or, if you're anything like me, you sign up to more courses to learn and grow more - whether you have worked out if you can afford it or not!

However, by not prioritising ourselves and our take home pay, we are putting the future of our business at risk.

Did you know that 18.4% of businesses fail in less than 12 months of being open?

If you haven’t already guessed, the main reason for businesses failing is cash flow mismanagement, with 82% citing this as their reason for closing their doors.

Ultimately, if we aren't being paid fairly for the effort we put in, the business is likely to close. This may be either because we need to find income elsewhere or because we lose our love for our work as we don’t feel we are being rewarded for it, therefore we look for satisfaction elsewhere.

Profit First

Profit First can help prevent this from happening as it puts the business owner's needs at its core. 

No more waiting to see what's left over. With Profit First you pay yourself first and make everything else affordable. It seems so logical so, why did we not do this a long time ago?

We're a certified Profit First advisory firm and along with our sister company Ciara Magill-Lavery Ltd, we are helping business owners understand profit first and how it can help in your business.

Check out our free resources and other offerings here.

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