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What does a bookkeeper actually do?

Do you know what a bookkeeper is and how we can help you?

You probably know we prepare and submit self assessments, run payrolls, file VAT returns etc but do you know what the keeping essentially is?

Our big passion is helping business owners on a daily/ weekly/monthly basis (and not just once a year) to give them an up-to-date picture of how their business is performing.

This allows the business owner to make decisions in real time and budget for their tax so it's not a panic at end-year time / tax return deadline day!

We can also identify potential issues as they arise. Things such as cashflow problems, pricing issues, the need to become VAT registered and lots more!

In order to do this we record sales, including those taken through payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, etc. We record income against the sales to ensure everything is accurately recorded and we identify when clients owe you money.

We also handle all expenses ensuring they are recorded accurately and that digital copies of all receipts are attached to keep you compliant in case of an inspection.

At least once a month we then reconcile all your banks to make sure nothing is being missed.

All these tasks allow us to then present reports showing what profit the business has made with an estimate of the tax bill, the date and a list of any suppliers you may owe money to.

I know this level of detail won't appeal to everyone but if you have bared with me so far and feel your business could benefit from regular bookkeeping to allow you to have more free time whilst also becoming more organised with your finances, please take this opportunity to book a call with us to find out more!

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